KARATEK offers a variety of solutions for the ever-increasing customer demands in Turkey, combining aesthetics and technology through modern lighting fixtures that integrate with the architecture.

Successfully meeting the challenges posed by major projects, our company is advancing with fast and confident steps to take the place it deserves in its sector in Turkey, creating unusual, powerful, and at the same time both aesthetic and energy-saving light concepts for its application projects with a modified project and sales structure implemented throughout Istanbul.

Building on its superiority in technical details, KARATEK achieves successful results and creates a cosy, serene atmosphere through modern light systems equipped with its own high technology.

In its lighting projects, the KARATEK project and sales group aims to form partnerships with leading companies in their field and well-established brands in order to implement the most advanced light technology in our esteemed customers’ projects, to ensure utmost customer satisfaction, to boost sales, and to enable a product presentation protective of the products.

KARATEK serves its customers with functional, high-quality lighting projects that combine design and energy-saving as a professional solution based on the principle of appropriate lighting.


All services from a single source: consulting, product, installation, and after-sales service

Through our collaboration with architects, consultants, contractors, and lighting planners, we are able to extend our product range and to deliver comprehensive lighting solutions tailored to the demands and needs of our customers without compromising our commitment to high-quality, superior technological solutions.

The strength of KARATEK Lighting as an expert in the field of sales-boosting professional lighting is based upon;

– Our know-how, work discipline, and experience,

– Our competence in design, planning, and project management in collaboration with capable business partners,

– And our ability to meet customer requirements through our comprehensive range of exclusive quality products, short delivery times, and competitive prices.

To achieve integrated lighting, the architect, the contractor, and the lighting company need to work together in perfect coordination and harmony in the stages of technical product design and implementation. KARATEK Lighting is a company that is able to provide this coordination, and to offer full service in the field of light technology in Turkey.

Having lost none of our initial enthusiasm, in each new project we analyse the particular requirements of the customer and the product, generate the most suitable lighting systems and solutions, and provide you with continuous support through our pre- and after-sale services.

Specific references from our previously realized projects shed light on how KARATEK Lighting, in harmony with architecture and through the positive atmosphere it creates, provides excellent light, having a sales-boosting effect in the field of food and general lighting.


We believe that the right amount of light enhances the quality of our lives.

Our company, which was established in 2001, provides lighting products as well as design, installation, service, and maintenance services to the rapidly growing supermarket and retailing sectors in Turkey.

Our “portfolio of satisfied customers” comprises a wide range of customers that we serve, from large chain stores to small-scale individual enterprises.

To make our customers gain an advantage in the market by combining unusual and appropriate presentation techniques and high-quality products with our performance and expertise, and to provide lighting solutions which ensure that they prevail in the highly competitive retail sector.

First of all,
to provide high-quality lighting products

What is more,
to offer solutions and products tailored to your specific needs

Even further,
to make integrated lighting design, planning, products, quality control, installation, and after-sales services available to you from a single source

But most importantly,
to become a business partner who boosts your sales

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