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REVIEW PRODUCTS Food, Showcase, Ambient, Highlight Retail Lighting Systems See how Karatek Lighting provides perfect light in the field of food and general lighting, with its architectural harmony and positive atmosphere! AESTHETICS AND QUALITY TOGETHER REVIEW PRODUCTS Food, Showcase, Ambient, Highlight Karatek Lighting at a First Sight Your business partner providing professional lighting solutions in product presentation. AESTHETICS AND QUALITY TOGETHER REVIEW PRODUCTS Sales Increasing Product Presentation Retail Lighting Techniques Food, Showcase, Ambient, Highlight AESTHETICS AND QUALITY TOGETHER ÜRÜNLERİ İNCELEYİNİZ Optimal Cost Architectural harmony and Positive Atmosphere The right light for your success. Savings in Energy and Operating Costs AESTHETICS AND QUALITY TOGETHER 1-ontero-XR-in-Track-Adapter


Karatek Food Lighting

Installation and after-sales service

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One-source consultancy, product, assembly and after-sales service in food lighting.

In the light of the concrete references in the projects we have realized, you can see how KARATEK Lighting provides excellent light with its architectural harmony and positive atmosphere in the field of food and general lighting and has a supporting effect on sales.

Reduce Your Costs

Extend your life by reducing your costs to lower levels, save energy consumption.

Aesthetic and Modern

Thanks to our lighting systems, your shelves and sections look much simpler and more elegant.

Required CRI Values

Lighting with sufficient CRI values ​​in your shelves and counters is not a luxury, it is an important need and necessity.

Department Lighting offers the opportunity to provide the best environment for department lighting with award-winning led lamps. The patented product is a high-tech product.

It increases the appeal of the products with its patented design, which brings a new breath to meat and fish lighting.

Fruit and vegetable lighting is a very important detail in terms of finding buyers for the product on the counter.

Patisserie lighting is very important in terms of the visuality of the products. Leds are needed to reflect this visuality in a way that attracts people.

It is desired to draw attention with suitable leds for market lighting. Lighting is of great importance for the products to look more attractive and to increase the appetite of the buyer.

The commercial importance of the leds to be used in the lighting of the butcher aisle is known. Led lamps, which make the counters eye-catching with their patented design, are effective enough to increase sales.

General lighting should be particularly elegant and simple. Since it will be applied to the whole area, it should definitely form a unity.

Deli lighting is an indispensable detail for the attractiveness of the products.

Exterior lighting is an indispensable requirement for commercial areas. It is even easier to use with led lamps.



Quality, Trust, Aesthetics

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Reduce your costs to the minimum level by increasing your success with Karatek Lighting.


Achieving successful results by using its superiority in technical details, KARATEK provides a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere with its modern light systems equipped with high light technique.



Get More Enlightened

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