Industrial Lighting

Ridi Industrial Lighting

Flat, round and edge feeding is the clear core message of the FPL-PRDI pendant luminaire. The built-in partition is used to reduce glare for display-matched workplace lighting and provides uniform illumination without visible LED light spots. The ceiling canopy has a magnetically held cover, which blends into the ceiling image without any distractions. All smooth surfaces can be easily cleaned and thus also contribute to visual comfort. Thanks to the automatic cable clamp pendant mount, the luminaire almost floats in the room.

Ridi Industrial Lighting

The attraction area created by the designs that emerge with experience and experience will not go unnoticed by the visitors of the place. Issues such as Ridi Industrial Lighting are also important for the visitors.



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Ridi Industrial Lighting

In a high-bay warehouse, the RIDI LINIA light strips in the aisles and in the picking area in front of the racks must be changed based on motion by integrated sensors. The relevant lighting should only be switched on after entering the relevant shelf corridor. Cross movements in front of aisles are not detected. After leaving the detection areas of the relevant sensors, the illumination remains at its highest illumination value for a while before decreasing to a low value. The lighting turns off after a while. It should always be ensured that the light is completely turned off at the end of the working day after the last employee has left. Light values ​​and delay times should be adjustable via a smartphone app.

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